CPS/food supplement December 2000-2021

Hello, I am working on a project to determine food insecurity rate at the state and year level for the years 2000-2023. When narrowing in the dataset to only show month 12 the data is not there for the years 2000-2019 it only shows the past 3 years. I did this data pull in June, My supervisor pulled the same dataset in. His dataset DOES include all the years for 2000-2023
My questions are:
how do I access the December food supplement data for the years 2000-2021?
Is this a change in the dataset,Was there an update done to the variable where I need to extract a different variable to access this data?
Please help

Second set of questions, I’m looking to take the household data and collapse it to year and state level data in Rstudio any suggestions on formulas to achieve that?

Thank you!

CPS food security supplement variables are available in IPUMS CPS. These are household-level variables, not person-level variables, so you will need to look in the household dropdown menu to find the food security supplement variables. Click here to view the household-level food security supplement variables. You can see that there are Xs, meaning the food security supplement variables are available, in December basic monthly survey (BMS) samples from 2001 to 2021. You can select the samples you want to download data for by clicking “change samples” and then clicking the tab “basic monthly.” Clicking “supplement topics” and then “food security” will allow you to choose from all samples that have food security supplement data available. See the screenshot attached. A food security supplement has been included in basic monthly surveys (BMS), usually one month out of the year, since 1995.

I hope this is helpful. If you are still having trouble accessing the food security supplement through IPUMS CPS, please follow up.

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