Creating Tables with County FIPS Code

I am trying to create a table with county level data for Labor Force Participation from 2005-2015 for the states of Louisiana, New York, and New Jersey. When I use the SDA to complie the data, the counties are collapsed giving just the overall sum for each state. How do I disagreggate, so I that can see the county-level data as they change over time?

You can find a tutorial for SDA here. I am not sure if you are using ACS or CPS data, so I am including an example using ACS. For a single year, you should be able to examine labor force participation by county using a query similar to the one in the screenshot below. However, it is not as simple to present this information separately for multiple years. For this, you would need to create a new variable giving the combination of state and year, and use that as the Control variable.

Also note that only a fraction of counties are identified in either the ACS or CPS data. Less densely populated counties are combined together to ensure the confidentiality of survey respondents. You can get summary statistics (including employment status) for more detailed geographies including counties at IPUMS NHGIS.