CountyNHG in 1900

I’d like to use the countynhg variable in the 1900 full count census. This variable is not available for the full count, only the 5%, 1%, or 1.2% oversample.

I’m curious if I can use the 1% sample countynhg variable and merge it with the 1900 full count census based on other county variables, such as countyicp which appears in both samples.

Does this work? Or am I missing something?

Thank you!

Merging the sample data onto the full count data is not a simple or straightforward task. If I understand correctly, however, you should be able to use the sample data to create a crosswalk table describing the relationship between the COUNTYNHG and COUNTYICP variables in 1900. This crosswalk can then allow you to translate most of the counties, identified via COUNTYICP, in the full count file into the COUNTYNHG coding scheme.