Correct Job search variable.


I am trying to find the correct variable to consider job search.

What is the difference between pelk and prjobsearch (and are they in IPUMs). Finally what are their universes?


According to the 2016 documentation for the Displaced Worker, Employee Tenure and Occupational Mobility Supplement, it looks like there are several variables that begin with PELK. The closest seems to be PELKM1, which is described as: What are all of the things you have done to find work during the last 4 weeks? (First Method).

As for PRJOBSEARCH, it looks like PRJOBSEA in the documentation is for respondents who want a job or are classified as “other not in the labor force” and describes their job search habits.

In general, the variables PRSUPSAT and PRTENSAT determine the supplement interview status of each person. All persons eligible for the labor force items of the January CPS were also eligible for the supplement.

Unfortunately, these specific variables are not available through IPUMS CPS.