I’m looking for the variable that codifies in the CPS whether someone was looking for work in the past 4 weeks. I believe the original CPS name changed over time, but was among others LK/LKWK/DWLKWK.

I can’t find any of these in the variable selection in the IPUMS CPS. Am I missing something? How can I integrate that question into my dataset?

I generally have problems finding some of the original variables. SAMEJOB appears to have become EMPSAME, but I didn’t find CHDUTY (change of duty) and SAMEACT (same activity) in the IPUMS database either…

In IPUMS CPS many of the integrated variables have different names than in the original CPS files. For example, the variable identifying those looking for work within the past four weeks is called LOOKING in IPUMS CPS. This is done in the process of harmonizing the variable over time and to make the variable names more intuitive for new users of CPS data. Also, at the present time, not all CPS source variables are available in IPUMS CPS. All of these CPS source variables, however, are available via NBER.