Converting PST Codes to OCC codes from a historical data

I was trying to convert some historical data (starting from 1850) with PST occupational coding system for some other countries to IPSUMS coding system OCC. You can see PST coding scheme from this link.

I could not find any method or paper done this.


The IPUMS International OCC variable does not adhere to a singular recoding scheme; instead, it reports occupation classified according to the system used by the respective national census office at the time. To get a sense of how some of the historical codes for the UK data map onto harmonized occupation measure, you could create your own crosswalk between an unrecoded version of occupation in an older sample (e.g., UK1901B_OCCODE) and a harmonized occupation measure (e.g., OCCISCO, ISCO68A). A colleague who worked on the historical UK occupation data for IPUMS International shared this recent article using PST codes that may be of interest. If you have further questions or would like to connect with that colleague, please email and I can put you in touch with them directly.