Confirming sources of income included in INCTOT for 2000 and 2010


Could someone please confirm that the INCTOT variable for 2000 and 2010 is comprised of the following income sources?:

  • wage and salary income
  • Social Security income
  • welfare (public assistance) income
  • interest, dividend, and rental income
  • retirement income
  • Supplementary Security income
  • Other income

Am I missing any other sources of income that I should be listing for INCTOT?

Thank you!

The comparability tab for INCTOT outlines the component variables of INCTOT by year. For the 2000 decennial data and the 2010 ACS, it includes all the items you mentioned as well as business income. Note that income is included as part of the long-form census in 2000; the long-form is no longer fielded and this information is instead collected via the ACS.