Combining DHS data with IPUMS data

Dear IDHS experts, peace and health for you.
I am studying my PHD based on the Ethiopian DHS data and I downloaded the EDHS 2000-2016 from the IPUMS database. However, the IPUMS doesn’t contain the mini-EDHS 2019. Since I am interested in studying trends in fertility and mortality, I want to have all surveys. So, how can I add the mini-EDHS 2019 to the pooled IPUMS data? What appending or merging techniques can I use? One response (in 2018) given to a similar post in The DHS Program User Forum: IPUMS Demographic and Health Surveys (IPUMS-DHS) » Merging DHS with IPUMS-DHS to get harmonized districts says as it is not possible to do that but, I believe experts may propose some solutions to this.