No information in GEOLEV2

I would like to merge GEOLEV2 census data for Ghana from IPUMS-International to IPUMS-DHS. I have selected the GEOLEV2 variable in my IPUMS-DHS data cart. However, the variable is only an indicator that states “GEOLEV2 available” for all observations; there are no actual codes for merging the two data sources at that level. Is this a bug in the data?

** Edited**
GEOLEV2 is the correct variable in both IPUMS International and IPUMS DHS to merge the two datasets at the 2nd administrative level. The IPUMS International GEOLEV2 variable, a 9-digit numeric variable indicating the 2nd administrative unit within which a household was enumerated, is the source of the IPUMS DHS GEOLEV2 variable indicating the 2nd administrative unit of the DHS Cluster (see the description and comparability tabs for DHS GEOLEV2 for more information). GEOLEV2 and GEOLEV2PROB have been temporarily removed from the database due to some issues with the data; they will be fixed and added back to the database with the next IPUMS DHS Data Release in early 2022.

Thanks. It doesn’t solve my problem though. In the Ghananian IPUMS DHS data, GEOLEV2 is equal to 1 for all observations. There are no codes to use for merging to the IPUMS International data.

You are correct, the IPUMS DHS team is currently dealing with an issue with GEOLEV2 (and GEOLEV2PROB). My apologies for missing this in my first assessment of the situation. These variables are in the process of being removed from the website until they can be corrected. We expect them to be fixed and added back to the website with the next IPUMS DHS Data Release, expected in early 2022. Though this was a known issue, the team was not aware that the variables were still available on the website. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Great, looking forward to the update!