Clipping raster files using IPUMS International GIS boundary files

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I would like to listen to your advice on how to clip raster files using GIS boundary files in R. Any comments are welcome!

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I think I got it by using the -terra- and -sf- libraries, and a combination of the basics that are explained here, Clip raster to polygons in sf collection [R sf] - Stack Overflow

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I’m glad to hear that you were able to figure it out. Thank you for sharing this solution with the community!

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Thank you, Ivan.

I’m new to this type of operations in R, so I bumped into issues here and there. For example, I’m trying to create admin-0 boundaries from the first-level geography boundary files, but in some cases I get an error message saying that an edge X has duplicate vertex with edge Y… I’m trying to figure this out.

While the user support team is unable to provide analytical advice, this does sound like something st_make_valid() may be able to correct by making geometries conform to certain requirements (e.g. no duplicate vertices). I recommend reviewing the documentation to make sure st_make_valid() will do the adjustments that you intend. You may also be interested in using the IPUMS International world map shapefile that nests first and second-level administrative units.

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Thank you, Ivan! Implementing st_is_valid() and st_make_valid() is working to solve the issue.

I’ll try to make a short example on how to clip rasters using IPUMS boundaries in a separate post.