centroid of the 2000 PUMA


I am a Doctoral student at NYU and I am using PUM ACS data for my dissertation.

As part of my research, I am trying to get the latitude and longitude of the centroid of each 2000 PUMA, for Georgia and Florida, which would allow me to compute the distance of each such centroid from the FL-GA border of from one particulary county (the idea being that a certain reform was passed in FL and I want to estimate its impact by regression discontinuity).
I have surfed then entire website but cannot seem to find what I am looking for. Alternatively, a dataset with the boundaries or each PUMA would be enough, I can then write a program myself to assign a centroid.
Could you please help me locate such data?

Many thanks



If your research allows you to use aggregate data, I would recommend checking out the NHGIS website. NHGIS is also housed in the Minnesota Population Center and they have a very helpful user support team available at nhgis@umn.edu. NHGIS is oriented towards mapping data, so this may be a good fit for your particular research subject.

Otherwise, IPUMS-USA does make boundary files for the 2000 PUMAs available in their Geographic Tools area.

I hope this helps.