Census tract data

Apologies if this was already discussed in an older post.
I am having difficulty locating spatial data (shapefiles) that provide a census tract data for medium household income in Lancaster County, PA.
Does something this specific exist on NHGIS? I am new to working with Census data and GIS, I appreciate your patience and help.
To provide context, I am creating a site selection project for a GIS class, and would like to display the specific areas of income in this county.

Yes, this specific data does exist on IPUMS NHGIS. From the main page, select “Browse and Select Data.” Then choose “census tract” as your geography, the years you are interested in, and household income from the Topics filter. Then select the tables you’d like to download. You may also want to download the GIS shapefile for Census tract, which is listed in a separate tab from the tabular data, on the data finder page. You can join the tabular data to the shapefile using the field GISJOIN. This page has more information including video tutorials for how to use the NHGIS website.