Census Data File ID

I have Census Table IDs (for example DP04) for 2014-18 ACS data collection on various indicators. How can I find tables in NHGIS that correspond to the same ID?

First, NHGIS does not include the “DP” tables from the ACS. We provide only the “detailed tables” from the ACS Summary Files. Their codes start with “B” or “C”.

Second, NHGIS doesn’t have a search tool for looking up specific table IDs. Alternatively, I think the best way to find a table from a particular ACS period would be to filter by Year to list all available tables for the period of interest. For example, here I’ve selected “2014-2018” as the Year filter:

Notice that there’s also a dropdown menu to change how many tables are listed. I changed that to the largest option: 500. Then I can use my browser’s “Find” tool (Ctrl+F or Option+F) to search for text on that page. If the table I’m looking for is not on the page, I advance to the next set of 500 and do another search in that group.

Another option if you’re comfortable with scripting (e.g., Python, R, etc.) would be to use our API, which does allow you to request tables by their ID.