Cant open data Please Help

I have checked and the ddi is still in the same exact folder as the dat file. I have gotten it to work once before and I have absolute no clue how I did nor do i remember how to do it again. I have tried following the past time I did and It just hasnt been working

I can see that this is frustrating.

And, you’ve confirmed that the files are in the directory listed (C:/Users/bursc/OneDrive/Documents)?

Did you have any luck solving this on your own in the past day?

I have! Granted this was frustration was happening on low levels of sleep, I did take a break, revisit it, and did figure out how to set the work directory via

normalizePath(‘C:/Users/bursc/Downloads/Rstudio/meps_00002.dat.gz’, winslash = “/”, mustWork = NA)
[1] “C:/Users/bursc/Downloads/Rstudio/meps_00002.dat.gz”
[1] “C:/Users/bursc/Downloads/Rstudio/meps_00002.dat.gz”
I am still trying to understand however what path.expand() function does and if i need it along with the normalizePath() fucntion. I guess I am only half understanding how settting the work directory works and when to use which functions

It sounds like you were able to resolve the issue, @Isabella_Bursch. Is that correct?