Cant find my data set

I had data selected in my cart and registered for an account. When my account got approved the data was no longer there. Where can I find this?

Unfortunately, our website does not store data selected in your cart until your account has been approved and you will need to reselect the data. I appreciate how frustrating this is as it can take quite some time to navigate through the many countries and variables to get exactly the right combination for your customized data file. I am sure this is not the news you were hoping for. My apologies for the inconvenience. Please follow up with any questions about the data.

data is vanished and i cant see it

It appears that you have an IPUMS account, but are not registered to receive data from any IPUMS projects. Without an approved account, you will not be able to save any extracts or obtain any data. Please email us at so that we can figure out what happened and direct you to the correct registration form.

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