Can't add CPSIDV to my extract

I’m trying to create a basic monthly extract of a handful of technical and linking variables. I add CPSIDV the normal way and see a checkmark, but then in my extract checkout screen it isn’t added. It isn’t in the generated file either. I’m pulling my hair out going back and trying to and add/remove/re-add CPSIDV but to no avail. Any advice?

I took a look at your recent extracts and I see they contain only household variables. CPSIDV is a validated identifier that uses individual-level characteristics for validation. Accordingly, it is not available at the household level. You need to add at least one person level variable to your extract to add CPSIDV. You can find person level variables by hovering over Person under Select Variables in the data extract system. CPSIDV will then be automatically added to your extract.