Botswana data 2011


I am analysing all the available data for Botswana from 1981 for migration purposes. There is a variable missing it seems from the 2011 data - that is the district of ‘usual residence’. This is different to the district where the individual was located during the census, and all the other datasets have this variable. Is it possible to obtain this variable with the dataset?




Additionally, there seems to be an extremely large proportion of individuals that were found in places that they don’t live in. This is the BW2011A_USUALRES question, where if answered ‘Elsewhere in Botswana’, this refers to either within district or outside of district (but outside of a locality). Without knowing the usual district of residence, I am unable to differentiate between them.



Thanks for the note about this missing variable. I’ve just touched base with the IPUMS International team about this variable. They are able to release the “district of usual residence” variable for the 2011 Botswana sample. This should show up online with the next data release.



Thank you for checking this for me. I don’t know what ‘with the next data release’ means - are you able to give me a time frame to when I could download the dataset with this variable?



That is a good question. It is always difficult to forecast upcoming data release dates. My best guess is a couple of weeks.