Besides the variable for limitations with IADL, are there any other variables from the IADL scale in the dataset?

I am trying to develop a study using the NHIS and the ADL, IADL scales. I am unable to find variables corresponding to the IADL scale. Is it limited to the one question about limitations with IADLs?

The other IADL variables available on IPUMS Health Surveys include: difficulty preparing meals (FLMEALYN), difficulty managing money (FLMONYYN), difficulty using phone (FLPHONYN), difficulty doing heavy housework (FLHVWKYN), difficulty shopping (FLSHOPYN), and difficulty doing light housework (FLLITWKYN). These are all yes/no variables and are quite limited in their availability. There are a number of other variables relating to limitations, listed under the person-level limitations tab.