Availability of "telwrkpay" variable in 2024

Hi everyone,

The IPUMS CPS basic monthly extracts have the variable “telwrkpay” (and telwrkhr), currently for Oct. 2022 through Dec. 2023, but there seems to be a bit of a delay in adding this variable - i.e., it’s not currently available for Jan. and Feb. 2024 extracts. I was wondering if anyone knew the schedule on which this variable is added to the basic monthly extracts by IPUMS, and so when I can look out for it being added to (say) the Jan. and Feb. 2024 basic monthly extracts.

By the way, I was happy to see that the BLS decided to continue to ask this information about remote work; I know there was some uncertainty around the future of this variable near the end of 2023, but I’m glad to see that is no longer the case.

Thank you for any information you can provide.


The IPUMS CPS team is currently working on integrating telework variables from the January and February Basic Monthly Surveys into IPUMS. We plan to release them with the March 2024 BMS. We announce updates to IPUMS CPS by email to all registered users and on our revision history page.

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Thanks so much! I just saw the telework variables available for january and february 2024.