When will the 2014 march CPS supplemental poverty (SPM) variables be added?


The official data will be released later this month (oct '14)-- is there a guess on how long until the SPM variable release is integrated into the 2014 march CPS sample on IPUMS?


Generally, IPUMS-CPS makes the Supplemental Poverty Measure variables available within a month of the Census Bureau’s release of the data. So, depending upon when the variables are released by the Census Bureau, you can expect them to become available on IPUMS-CPS in late November / early December.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, that’s helpful to know.


Good Morning, Is there any more information on when these variables will be available? I know early December, but Im wondering if there is a more specific date now.



The Census Bureau released the new SPM data recently and the IPUMS-CPS Team is working to release the corresponding variables as soon as possible. Unfortunately I cannot provide a specific date, but these variables are very high on the IPUMS-CPS priority list.