ATUS sample definition

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I noticed that in the introduction page of ATUS-X it is mentioned that ATUS sample is drawn from the outgoing rotation group of the Current Population Survey (CPS). In addition, in the more general description of ATUS it is mentioned that “the individuals chosen for participation in the ATUS are selected randomly from households that are completing their participation in the Current Population Survey (CPS).”
Just to make sure I understand correctly, are ATUS potential participants drawn (after some additional adjustments detailed in the “about ATUS” page refereed to above) from households of the outgoing rotation group but only from the final (8th) interview round of the CPS? That is, taking this information together, the sample of ATUS is from the non-institutionalized civilians, aged 15 and older who are currently employed as a wage or salaried worker (not self-employed) and who are in month-in-sample 8?

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Yes, your understanding is correct. Participants of the ATUS are drawn from households who have completed 8 months of CPS surveys. This implies that ATUS participants are from households that are a subset of the Outgoing Rotation Group. Note that the CPS (and by extension the ATUS) are a sample of household addresses. If individuals within families move to a different address, the CPS does not follow them. So, a new individual could move into a CPS household ahead of the 8th month in the CPS and still be an ATUS respondent. Therefore, ATUS participants are drawn after the 8th month-in-sample of the individual’s household, but specific individuals may not have completed all 8 CPS questionnaires.