AHTUS - Weighting in Stata


I’m trying to estimate means and percentiles for certain time-use variables in the AHTUS across all samples from 1965-2012 using Stata. However, I am not clear on how to use the weightings in Stata to produce estimates by sample: I attempted to use the tabstat command with [pw=xtimewt] but received an error message that pweights cannot be used. I then tried svyset on the data with sampling unit = hhid and again [pw=xtimewt], but again received an error message (this time when using the tabulate command) that I was attempting to create a matrix with too many rows or columns. I’m not sure how to proceed now…any help would be appreciated!

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Yes, command line weighting in Stata is a bit limited. I am finding, however, that the svyset command works for me when using your data (extract #1). In particular I key in the following code:

svyset hhid [pw=xtimewt]

svy: tab sex

Therefore, I am not quite able to replicate the error you observe. Perhaps the the error is driven by some other feature of your calculations.

You might get around your particular error by typing into Stata:
set matsize 1000 , permanently

(or another large number; the default is 400)