AHTUS spouse diaries (1975) and/or face-to-face and telephone-interviewing diaries (1985)


I was wondering if spouse time diaries are available for the 1975 data. My understanding from another user forum thread (Are spouse time diaries available for the 1975 AHTUS sample? - #3 by ArnauVaEs) is that the IPUMS Time Use team will be adding the spouse diaries soon—could you please let me know when these will be available?

Also, I wanted to ask if time diaries collected via face-to-face and telephone interviews are available for the 1985 data. AHTUS currently includes data only from mail-back interviews as far as I know, but some studies use data from face-to-face and/or telephone interviews as well (e.g., Bianchi et al. 2006; Bianchi et al. 2012)*, so I wanted to ask if the IPUMS team plans to incorporate these data.

Thank you very much in advance for your response!

  • Bianchi, Suzanne M., Melissa A. Milkie, and John P. Robinson. 2006. Changing Rhythms of American Family Life . New York: Russell Sage Foundation.
  • Bianchi, S. M., L. C. Sayer, M. A. Milkie, and J. P. Robinson. 2012. “Housework: Who Did, Does or Will Do It, and How Much Does It Matter?” Social Forces 91(1):55–63.