ACS 2013-17 does not return ssmc data but individual years do

I am trying to determine the number of Same Sex Married Couples reported by the 2013-17 ACS. When I try to query the data on line I get the message “Cannot find the variable “ssmc” in specified datasets.” However, when I run the same query for individual ACS years in the multiyear sample I do get a result, which seems counterintuitive. Has this variable not been included in the 2013-17 ACS PUMS sample?

Thanks for your help.

Cliff Cook

At the present time the SSMC variable is only available in the single year ACS samples from 2013 onward. You are indeed correct that the 2013-2017 5-year ACS file is the first 5-year file to be able to included the SSMC variable. The reason for this omission is that, since the availability of the SSMC variable in the 5-year file is a new feature, the IPUMS USA Team has not yet integrated this variable in the 2013-2017 ACS 5-year file. I will send a note to the IPUMS USA Team and ask them to move this task up on their to-do list if possible.

Thank you!!