2000 ACS data for 1-year migration flows

I am interested in finding the data for 1-year migration, for the year 2000, as supposedly avialable thorugh the ACS data. Can anyone help?

It sounds like the variable you are looking for is MIGRATE1, which is available in the ACS data from 2000-2012. Since the 2000 ACS is not a default sample for IPUMS-USA, make sure to check the box for the 2000 ACS sample on the Select Samples page when creating your data extract.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for the answer. I however downloaded the data in question by crootabulating the miglpac1 variable (row) with the statefip variable (column), and thus obtaining the matrix of state to state movements of people, year by year. Now, when I try to do that for 2000, I get a “no data found”, or similar message, from the IPUMS interface. Any ideas on how to resolve this, mainly techincal, issue? Thank you.

Unfortunately, the IPUMS-USA Online SDA tool has the 2001-2012 ACS samples only. This is why it cannot find any data for the year 2000. In order to create a cross-tab like the one you describe above for the year 2000, you will need to create a data extract, download it, and create the cross-tab in a statistical program (e.g. SAS, STATA, or SPSS). If you have any questions about that process, the IPUMS-USA FAQ page is a great resource to get started.

I hope this helps!