ACS 1 year and 5 year LanguageD

When I start from scratch I do not have the option for LanguageD “detailed language.” If I rerun a previous query using the 2017 ACS PUMS 1 year and 5 year, I get results for LanguageD. So my questions is — why is it not available in the drop down menus when you start from scratch, but seems to be available for a previously run query (using 2017 data)? And is there anything I should know about the data (LanguageD) that I do get.

-----EDIT ---- I see that when you download language you also get LanguageD — that is not very clear.

You are right that LANGUAGED does not appear in the list of variables available to download on IPUMS. Instead, it is automatically added to your extract if you include the variable LANGUAGE (as a see you figured out on your own). The codes for both versions of the variable can be found on the codes page for the variable. This is the case for any variable that has both general and detailed codes, for example RACE and RACED, or BPL and BPLD.