6 digit activity codes


Is it possible to download the time use data at the 6-digit level like the data that are available from BLS?


In the ATUS data from the IPUMS Time Use project, the ACTIVITY variable identifies the six digit activity code. From the Description Tab: The activity is recorded as a six digit number. The first two digits correspond to a broad category, the middle two to a more detailed subcategory, and the final two to a specific activity within those categories. For example, broad category 02 refers to “Household Activities.” Within “Household Activities,” subcategory 01 refers to “Housework.” Within that subcategory, 02 refers to “Doing laundry.” The full six digit code for “Doing laundry” is therefore 020102. Analyses can be done using the first two, the first four, or all six digits of ACTIVITY.