2019 single year ACS PUMS Experimental Weights

The IPUMS USA update notes that the 2019 single-year ACS PUMS “Experimental Weights” were added this past Friday, July 22, 2022. Yeah!

The 2019 experimental weights (EXPWTH and EXPWTP) are basically additional variables added onto the existing 2019 PUMS with traditional weights.

I can’t seem to find the EXPWTH or EXPWTP variables on the SDA sub-site. I thought it would be in the “drop down” menu to select either the traditional housing or person weights.

Or, I thought there would be a “2019**” dataset in the master list of available PUMS datasets, siimilar to the “2020**” dataset already there!



I shared your request to include the experimental weight variables in the SDA tool with the IPUMS USA team. It sounds like they are working to include this in the near future, but I don’t have a definitive timeline.

The experimental weights are now available via the SDA tool for IPUMS USA.