2000 dec census homeless count data at cen tract level

Hi, I am looking for homeless count data from the 2000 decennial census. I was not able to locate these counts using the NHGIS data explorer even though published papers state the data is available from NHGIS at the census tract level. I have examined all relevant tables (such as group quarters population by group quarters type) but I have been unable to locate this data at any geographical level. I have also tried using the census bureau data portal. Where can I access homeless count data conducted during the 2000 dec census?

After some investigative work, I discovered that the Census Bureau did not release homeless count data for the 2000 dec census (see Holmes 2001 NYT article). Rather the Census Bureau released a count of “other non-institutional group quarters” in the PCT 16 and 17 data tables (SF-1). I was referencing a paper that refereed to this as the “homeless count” for the 2000 dec census. In reality, “other non-institutional group quarters” includes homeless but also includes displaced people living in shelters after natural disasters, people living in sheltered for battered women, and nurses and interns living in dormitories at military and general hospitals. A good reminder to thoroughly explain your data variables so that your readers correctly interpret your results and do not spend hours looking for data that is not publicly available!

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