WT06 to calculate person counts?

I am trying to construct an eldercare–focused extract estimating the number of people in that have provided care, but the WT06 weight is really throwing me off.

Is there a post-extract formula to use on aggregate WT06 that will estimate the number of unique individuals who provided elder care in a given year? I do understand it is a time-use survey, but at this time, I am not focusing on the amount of time performing these duties, rather the number of people doing care.

Also, would it be your opinion that these weights are sufficient for state-level representation? I know I could run the replicates to give me the conf. intervals, but was wondering if this is strictly to be used nationally.

The WT06 sampling weight ensures that the sums of the respondent weights add up to the appropriate number of weekday and weekend person-days. Based on what you are describing here, it sounds like you should be using the BWT sampling weight. Since you are not focusing on the amount of time performing specific duties, but rather on just the number of people doing a given task during the data, the BWT is best suited for your analysis. BWT ensures that the sum of BWT over the full ATUS sample should equal the number of people in the population.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try