WNLOOK "Other - specify"

In the basic monthlies, about 25 percent of respondents in 2018 are recorded as 011 - “Other - specify” in WNLOOK. Is there a variable in which these other reasons are specified?

If not, what does the specify in “Other - specify” indicate?


Unfortunately, there is no additional variable that indicates what these “other” main reasons for not looking for work during the previous four weeks. The information available in WNLOOK comes directly from the source variable UH_DWRSN_1. This residual “other” category includes reasons for not seeking work in the previous four weeks that are not listed in the response categories identified in WNLOOK==1-10. In many cases, individuals likely filled in an alternative reason in an open-response field. Unfortunately, the public use CPS files do not include this information.

Thank you, Jeff! This is useful information.