Why is variable WHYLEFT only available until 1993? Basic Monthly CPS Files have variable PEJHRSN for later years.

The WHYLEFT variable is available from 1976 to 1993 in IPUMS CPS.

The Basic Monthly CPS Files (available here, for example) contain the variable PEJHRSN “What is the main reason you left your last job?”. This variable is available for years after 1994 to present.

Is seems that the variable PEJHRSN could be used to extend the variable WHYLEFT provided by IPUMS CPS. Is this correct? Could you please indicate why the IPUMS CPS variable WHYLEFT stops in 1993?

Thank you!


The reason the variable is not available after 1993, even though a similar variable exists in the basic monthly questionnaire, is that the variable was no longer included in the March Supplement file. The March Supplement file is the only supplement that cannot be perfectly linked to its basic monthly file (due to oversampling). IPUMS-CPS is currently working on expanding its basic monthly samples, which will likely include variables like this. So it is possible that this variable will become available for more contemporary basic monthly files.

I hope this helps.