Why are so many rentsub, kidcaid and pubhous observations NIU?

Confused. A large percentage of rentsub, kidcaid and pubhous are NIU, but many of these observations appear like they could be in universe. e.g. approx 70% of pubhous observations are NIU and only 30% of those NIU observations are for minors (who I assume wouldn’t be asked the question).

Thanks in advance

Looking at the Universe Statements for PUBHOUS, it would seem that the reason roughly 70% percent of respondents are coded as NIU is that roughly 70% of respondents currently owned or were buying their home. A quick crosstabulation ofOWNERSHP and PUBHOUS confirms this. RENTSUB is a similar story.

KIDCAID is limited by its exclusion of persons over the age of 14. A crosstabulation of KIDCAID and AGE reveals that 100% of cases coded as NIU for KIDCAID are also over the age of 14.

I hope this helps.