Why are health data variables not available on the online versionof the 2013 CPS in IPUMS?

In using the online analysis system in IPUMS-CPS, I have been looking at the variable with the code name HCOVANY which indicates whether a person has any health insurance.

When I use HCOVANY as the row variable and use YEAR as the control variable this variable is available from 1988 to 2012, but not for the 2013 verion of the CPS that is available using the online analysis system. Given what I have seen of reports from the CPS I assume the data were collected in 2013, but I don’t understand why it is not avaiable on the online version of the CPS file?

This may be a question for the IPUMS folks rather than the experts about the CPS… any information would be appreicated. Thanks

After speaking with the IPUMS-CPS folks, it appears that the data is currently in the process of being added to the dataset available through the online data analysis tool. It is likely that the data will become available soon, however I do not have a specific date I can give you. In the mean time, the data are all currently available for download from the IPUMS-CPS extract system. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.