Which samples will be released in 2016 and when?

I was wondering if anyone could give me an update on which samples will be released in 2016. Also, when is the next release planned?

Thanks, Kiki

All IPUMS-International releases are planned for mid-year. 2015 was delayed several months due to technical problems with some samples. Each September the integration cycle begins with a target of 2-3 dozen samples. The number shrinks as problems are found in one sample or another, such as faulty file structure, weights that do not add up, missing or inconsistent documentation for a key variable, etc. The complete series for a country may be delayed because of a problem with a single sample.

We hesitate to announce the list of samples too far in advance to avoid raising expectations. Currently, the 2016 list for the 2010 census round includes Canada 2011 3% (first household sample for Canada), China 2000 1%, Greece 2011 10%, Hungary 2011 5%, India 2010 (NSSO series 0.5%), Iran 2011, Mexico 2015 10%, Romania 2011 10%, and Tanzania 2012 10%. In addition, we are working on full series for a number of countries, such as: Botswana, Czech Republic, Lesotho, Namibia, Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.

If there is a particular sample or country that you would like included in the 2017 list, please let us know. Research needs are helpful in encouraging National Statistical Offices to entrust microdata.

Hi Ambassador Bob,

Thanks for the answer to this!

I was wondering if there is any update about when the Tanzania 2012 census sample will be released?

If it isn’t to be released soon, would it be possible for IPUMS to put me in touch with someone who might share either (a) a sample of anonymized raw data or (b) aggregated data (at Ward or District level)? I understand that IPUMS cannot share the data, but I was wondering if it is possible to get any leads on people to contact for this (beyond ‘contact the national statistics bureau’ - even a personal email address rather than the generic one would help significantly!). I’ve tried all of the publicly available sources (e.g. link in the source) and am coming up with a blank!