When will HIU (health insurance unit) information be available for the 2016 IPUMS-USA?

HIU information is currently available for the 2008-2015 IPUMS-USA data, but not yet for 2016. Will this information be included in the 2016 data. If so, when?

The Health Insurance Unit variables for the 2016 ACS sample are set to be released with the next IPUMS USA data release. I am not certain when this release will be exactly, but it should be sometime this summer.

Thanks, Jeff! In the meantime, would you be able to send me the code you use to generate the HIUs? I would imagine the code used for previous years would work on the 2016 data.

These varables are generated by SHADAC. As noted on the variable description for HIUID, Stata and SAS code and documentation are available on the SHADAC website. Let us know if you have any additional questions.