What is the Well-Being Module?

What is the Well-Being Module?

The Well-Being Module (WB Module) is a special supplement to the ATUS that collects quality of life data for three randomly selected activities reported for each respondent, information about how well-rested the respondent felt on the day about which he or she was interviewed, and information about health including whether the respondent has high blood pressure, takes pain medication, and self-reported health status. The module was fielded in 2010 and 2012 with support from the National Institute on Aging. Because there were a small number of non-respondents to the module, the standard weighting variable WT06 is not appropriate for analyses containing information collected as part of the WB Module. The BLS recommends using different weights for different usage scenarios as follows:

WBWT: Estimates using only person-level health questions collected as part of the WB Module.

AWBWT: Estimates using only activity-level WB Module data.

AWBWT: Estimates using both person-level health questions from the WB Module and WB Module activity data.

More information about activity-level WB Module data is available elsewhere.