What is the universe for who records in ATUS samples?

There are clearly certain activity codes for which who records are not collected, but I cannot find in the FAQ or BLS documentation any mention of the activity universe for which who records are collected.

There is a discussion in the description of RELATEW that this information was collected for work activities beginning in 2010. Is there a list of the other activities for which this is not collected? Additionally, do the same restrictions apply to AGEW and SEXW? (These appear to have the additional universe restriction limiting to only ATUS household members.)

This is a good question as documentation on this detail is sufficiently lacking. Page 32 of this document it says that “who” records are not collected for selected activities, but does not list those activities. After looking into this issue ourselves, we still feel we haven’t resolved this issue. So, we have reached out to the BLS for more information. I will update this thread with any updates on this topic.

Okay, we have a little more information to share:

“Who” records exclude the following activities: sleeping, grooming, personal activities, work (up until 2010), “refused to answer” responses, “didn’t remember” responses. Additionally if the individual was enrolled in high school, “who” information was not collected (from 2006 forward) for taking classes (ACTIVITY=60101).

This information will be added to the IPUMS ATUS documentation.

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