What is the correct modification to wtsupp in pooled analyses that restrict to mish==1,2,3,4

Due to the rotating design, a staff member suggested to limit analyses of pooled ASEC data to households in their first rotation (mish=1-4) to deal with duplicate cases. In an unrelated strand, people argue that the weights should be divided by the number of pooled years, but these use the entire cross-section (year) sample. So, what is the proper modification to the weights for analyses with pooled data (say 2005-2015) which restricts the analyses to households in the first rotation (mish=1,2,3,4). Do we multiply the weights times 2 to account for the fact that we have eliminated half the sample? Is it (wtsupp/12)*2?

Your intuition seems sound. The WTSUPP weight variable can be divided by the number of years in the analysis and then, because restricting the data to households in the first rotation the data is dropping half the population, the weight can be multiplied by 2. Making these adjustments to the weight variable will not influence any regression results you may preform with this data. It will, however, provide you with a nationally representative estimate of specific variables within your sample.