What is the appropriate way to use WTFINL in Stata when using single year CPS data?


I am using 2011 CPS data and need to apply WTFINL to correctly weight the data. I am looking at person-level results.

When I try “svyset: [pweight=wtfinl” in Stata, I get an error message saying that the PSU is invalid. I have searched high and low to find out what the correct PSU is for this data and can’t find any information. Further, I am not terribly familiar with weight in general, so I want to make sure that I have included the correct specifications for the weights (including anything regarding strata, etc.)

Thank you.



If you are simply trying to weight your data, then you should use the ‘weight’ option with any of your normal STATA commands. For example, “tab year [iweight=wtfinl]” will give you the weighted population by year for a non-Supplement sample. For more information on using weights, see the CPS training materials here.

Hope this helps.