Weights when linking FSS and ATUS

If I link households that completed the ATUS and the FSS from 2003-2018, what are the best weights to use if the variable of interest is:


Importantly, I’ll be exploring subpopulations of the data using the linked data set.

This page linked ATUS-CPS supplement data has a number of resources that should be useful to you. This includes general documentation for linking ATUS and CPS supplement files that describe how to construct weights for linked analyses as well as pre-linked data files for a subset of years and CPS supplements. While the prelinked files do not cover the full range of years you are interested in analyzing, you may find them useful as a reference. An alternative weighting option would be to use Iterative Proportional Fitting (IPF) with the ATUS weights; more information about this is available in the IPUMS CPS linking resources (see the day 3 presentation on Linking to ATUS from a 2018 workshop about linking CPS data and the Weighting Linked Datasets section of this general linking overview that includes Stata replication code).