Using variables with different weights

I want to do an analysis that involves some variables (WKSTAT, EMPSTAT) that take the WTSUPP weighting, and another (PAIDHOUR) that takes the EARNWT weighting. How can I do this? When I use WTSUPP I get a large NIU, and when I use EARNWT the totals get all wacky. Any suggestions? (My ultimate goal is to isolate the population of full-time, nonhourly-paid workers, and then analyse them by pay and occupation, for which I was going to use INCWAGE and OCC respectively. If I should be going about this some other way, could someone clue me in?)

The EARNWT variable is more restrictive than WTSUPP. So, if one of your variables requires EARNWT (e.g. PAIDHOUR), then you should use EARNWT. I also recommend comparing the Universe statements for each variable.

Hope this helps.