Using the veteran supplement - category missing?


I am using the veteran supplement. There appears to be a category missing for the variable length of time served in active duty. There is so category for 5 to 9 years.

Also, I was hoping to use weekly earnings to run an analysis. However, the earnings are only included for 2 out of 8 rotations groups which makes my sample significantly smaller. How can I gain access to earnings for all rotation groups?


The missing category is due to an error in the labeling of the codes, which we will fix. In the meantime, you should consider VHOWLONG values of “05: 4 to 5 years” as corresponding to the “5 to 9 years” category. Thank you for pointing out this typo!

As for weekly earnings, this information was only collected from respondents during their fourth and eighth month in the CPS, when they were rotating out of the survey. As a result, it is not possible to gain access to the other rotation groups’ weekly earnings, although they similarly provide their weekly earnings when they become part of the outgoing rotation group.

Hope this helps.