U.S. Census mortality schedules 1850-1880

To whom it may concern:

I was wondering if the U.S. Census mortality schedules 1850-1880 micro dataset is available yet through IPUMS USA and if it is not yet, then if IPUM has any plan to release the micro dataset this year or any time soon.

Thank you!

While we do not currently provide microdata from the Mortality Schedules from 1850-1880 on IPUMS USA, we may be able to share a preliminary version of the data with you. I have passed your information along to another IPUMS staff member, who will contact you by email. We also provide some summary tables based on the Mortality Schedules on IPUMS NHGIS. These tables include counts of deaths at the national level. You can find these summary tables by searching for “deaths” in topics in the NHGIS data finder:

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