Trouble with ddi viewer

I downloaded data for my latest project and read it into R without issue–I’ve got full functionality for manipulating and analyzing the data. When I go to look at labels using ipums_view(ddi), the viewer shows all the variables and their descriptions but does not show the specific labels within variables. I haven’t had trouble with this functionality before. I updated R and the ipumsr package and re-downloaded the ddi to no avail. Any ideas on how to actually see the labels?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You should be able to view the value labels by opening the table in a new browser window by clicking the button to the right of the broomstick icon. This appears to be an issue with how the html created by ipums_view is being displayed by the RStudio viewer. I’ve submitted the issue to the IT team who will look into fixing it so that the value labels are displayed correctly within the viewer.

Thanks! This is a great workaround.