Topcoding for earnweek in outgoing cps files

Hi everyone. Can you tell me if IPUMS has a program to get the Larrimore cell means data for topcoded weekly earnings? My RA says it is only for income. Thanks!

IPUMS CPS does not have access to the internal (pre-topcoded) CPS database, so we cannot create such a variable. I’m not aware of any additional data about topcoded individuals for EARNWEEK, only for annual income in the ASEC as your RA found.

Thanks for your response. I take it there is no way to link the two datasets, the CPS and ASEC, by the person id number either?

The ASEC can be linked to the basic monthly CPS samples for people who have data from both types of survey using the person id CPSIDP. This page gives much more information about linking respondent records across different months. Please note that the income questions in ASEC (for example INCTOT) refer to annual earnings, and are only asked once per year, in March. In contrast the income questions in the basic monthly samples (for example EARNWEEK) refer to weekly earnings and are available all year long as part of the earner study.