Too many missing values in median Black household income

Hi. I’m looking at median Black household income of each Census tract from the source table B19013B. I’m looking at two time periods, 2008-2012 and 2015-2019. However, I’m seeing too many missing values of more than 30,000 in the variable that used ACS 2015-2019. Could you tell me why this is the case?


I see the same discrepancy with many more missing values in the 2015-2019 data than in 2008-2012, but I couldn’t say why that’s the case. As far as I can tell, this is consistent with the original ACS summary tables. Here’s an example from the Census Bureau’s site ( of B19013B from the 2015-2019 estimates for tracts in Autauga County, AL (the first county alphabetically). It has the same missing values that I see in NHGIS data.

I found this documentation on ACS data suppression on the Census website. If that doesn’t clear it up, you could consider posting a question on the ACS Data Users Group forum.

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