there is a missing variable ownership in a data extract, what should i do?


I extracted one household variable and other individual variables (all of the variables are in the codebook). However, the only household variable (and my most important variable of interest) is missing from my STATA data set (home ownership). How can I fix this?



Based on your recent extract requests, you included samples for which OWNERSHP was not collected, i.e. 1850-1880 and 1950. Respondents from these years will have missing values for OWNERSHP in your Stata file; however, respondents from all other years should have a non-missing OWNERSHP value of 0, 1, or 2. If you are seeing missing values for respondents in years where OWNERSHP was collected or if the variable OWNERSHP is missing entirely, then I recommend resubmitting your data extract and downloading it again to see if this clears up the issue.

Hope this helps.