SVYSET command for HH-level analysis in ASEC

I’m using the ASEC supplements from 2014 and 2020 and conducting a Household-level analysis with Stata.

How would I adjust for the survey design using the svyset command?

To incorporate the sampling design into the calculation of standard errors in the ASEC data, you need to use replicate weights. This page describes the weights and includes Stata syntax. For the household-level analysis, you’ll want to keep only one observation per household (for example, keep only those with PERNUM==1). Then use ASECWTH and REPWT (instead of ASECWT and REPWTP, which are used in the example code). Please note that using replicate weights will greatly increase your extract size (and thus processing and download time), since it adds 160 new variables to your extract

That worked for me. Thank you!