Subgroup populations in California by sex and age

How can I access Asian subgroup population (Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hmong,Laotian, Korean, Vietnamese, South Asian, Cambodian, Thai) estimates for California by sex and age for non-census years? Thank you in advanced!

These figures can either be calculated by using microdata available via IPUMS USA or found by using previously aggregated tables available via IPUMS NHGIS. In IPUMS USA, you’ll want to used the detailed version of the codes available in the RACE variable. You will be able to separately identify each of the nationalities you’ve listed (as well as the combined group “South Asian” using these detailed codes. Additionally, the SEX and AGE variables will allow you to cross-tabulate these figures.

Thanks for your help! I have more more question that I hope you can help me with. I followed your instructions and successfully downloaded an extract with detailed race, state, and age. I just want to make sure I understand how to obtain the population estimates before I begin analysis.

In order to, for example, obtain the ACS population estimate for Chinese males of 50 years of age in 2001, should I sum up all of the rows in the extract where the observation is a Chinese male of 50 years of age in 2001? The numbers seem low, so I want to double check that I understand this correctly. Thank you!

In order to calculate a statistic that is representative of the population, you’ll need to apply sampling weights. In the case of the example you discuss here, you’ll need to use the person level sampling weight, PERWT. This variable indicates how many persons in the U.S. population are represented by a given person in an IPUMS sample. More information about sampling weights is available on this page and in this blog post.